Confirmed lecturers and topics:

  • Klaus Blaum (MPI Heidelberg) – Nuclear mass measurements
  • Pierre Capel (EP Brussels) – Introduction to nuclear reactions
  • Alexandra Gade (Michigan State University) – Experiments with exotic nuclei
  • Jason Holt (TRIUMF) – Ab initio approaches to medium-mass nuclei
  • Augusto Macchiavelli (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) – Nuclear spectroscopy
  • Alfredo Poves (University of Madrid) – The shell model and nuclear structure
  • Sofia Quaglioni (Lawrence Livermore National Lab) – Ab initio many-body theory of nuclear reactions
  • Robert Roth (TU Darmstadt) – Ab initio approaches to light nuclei
  • Olivier Sorlin (GANIL) – Shell evolution and nuclear forces

Confirmed Expert Facilitators:

  • Angelo Calci
  • Jeremy Dohet-Eraly
  • Chen Ji
  • Ragnar Stroberg