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OBAFGKMLTY Mnemonics from the TSI2017

"Oh Be A Fine Girl/Guy Kiss My Lips Tonight (Yeah!)" is the phrase that many have learned to memorize the Harvard Spectral Classification on the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram. We have asked the TSI2017 students to come up with better mnemonics, and here are the 14 phrases. Some might only make sense when they are pronounced in spanish (Roger thought this is funny...), so here is the ranking:

  • Oh Boy, Always Feels Great Knowing More, Loving TRIUMF, Yay!
  • Other Barbies Almost Fail Getting Kens Mentioning Lies Totally Yucky.
  • Oxygen Boron Aluminium Fluorine Germanium Krypton Manganese Lithium Titanium Yttrium .
  • Our Beans Are For Gassy Kids – Most Lovely Timbre, Y’know.
  • Oxford Boys Are Fairly Good Kids. Making Life Tops, Yeah?
  • Otto von Bismarck Actually Fought German Kaiser’s Moderate Liberalism Till Yielding (...the Chancellory)
  • Ostensibly, Brandishing Assault Freedom Guns Keeps My Liberty Thriving Yo!
  • One Beer Approaching Free, GualKing More Length Than Yard. (...makes only sense when Roger pronounces "GualKing" like "Walking"...
  • Oh Boy, Astronomers F***ing Get Kicks Making Life Totally Yucky.
  • Oven-Baked Alaska’s Freaking Great, Keep Making Lovely Treats, Y’all.
  • Older Bears Are Far Greater Killing Machines – Like Tanks. Yikes!

  • And the top 3 selections were...

  • Rank 3: Oh, Be A Fine Gentleman, Keep Misogynistic Language to Yourself.
  • Rank 2: Overindulging Beer At Family Get-togethers Keeps My Liver Tone Yellow.
  • ...and the winner is... "Orange Businessman, Awful For Government. Keeps Making Laughable Tweets, Yes?" (Not sure if in 25 years someone will still remember the guy with the orange hair...)