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The theme for TSI 2017 is “Modern Tools for Nuclear Astrophysics” and will focus on the three research pillars of nuclear astrophysics: experiments, observations, and astrophysical modelling.

Confirmed lecturers:

  • Jeremy Heyl and Ilaria Caiazzo (U of British Columbia, Canada): "Nuclear Astrophysics with MESA"
  • Jordi Jose (UPC Barcelona, Spain): "Explosive nucleosynthesis: Novae, XRB and type Ia supernovae"
  • Alison Laird (U of York, UK): "Experimental techniques in light element nucleosynthesis"
  • Julie Lutz (U of Washington, Seattle, USA): "Planetary Nebulae and Symbiotic Stars: Emission Line Spectra on Steroids"
  • Jaymie Matthews (U of British Columbia, Canada): "Goldilocks and the 3000+ Worlds: Looking for exoplanets that are "just right""
  • Marco Pignatari (U of Hull, UK): "Nucleosynthesis in AGB and massive stars"
  • Douglas Scott (U of British Columbia, Canada): "Nucleosynthesis and Cosmology"
  • Artemis Spyrou (NSCL and Michigan State University, USA): "Experimental techniques in heavy element nucleosynthesis"
  • Ingrid Stairs (U of British Columbia, Canada): "Neutron Star Observations and Equation of State"
  • Kim Venn (University of Victoria): "Finding new metal-poor stars in the CFHT Pristine Survey"
  • George Wallerstein (U of Washington, Seattle, USA): "Stellar chemical composition research in the photographic era"
  • David Yong (ANU Canberra, Australia): "Chemical abundances in metal-poor stars" and "High precision chemical abundances"